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Named in City Pages’ 'Top 10 Artists Poised to Pop,'  SYM1 is a vocalist, producer, and performer using eurodance and hyperpop aesthetics to inspire a renaissance of the rave culture of the early 2000s.

Not sure if you’ve been acquainted? Her bright, neon colors and flashy, over-the-top fashion are unmistakable. You may have seen her on the First Ave main stage, caught her sharing a bill with Dorian electra, or even hung out in her virtual venue but whatever the case, “her live show remains as freaky ever with SYM1 flaunting fanciful DIY fetish cyborg attire that’s always more playful than daunting."Keith Harris, The Racket. 

Her music often incorporates elements of other genres and playful lyrics as SYM1 has a history of drawing inspiration from inside jokes, internet culture, video games, and the subcultures she grew up with.

Claimed to be the " EDM pop maven" of the Twin Cities, SYM1 released her debut EP in March 2022.  ALL THAT U WANT is a multi-genre electro-pop collection, guiding listeners through the stages of grief experienced for the past lives we will never return to and the future lives we may never live, through hyper realistic and futuristic lenses. Jerard Fagerberg, City Pages. 

What does THE NXT POPST5R have coming up next? Stay tuned.

Dummy Reckless - SYM1

Repped By

Freeze Pop Records 



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